Pet-Friendly Routes

A social marketing project that aims to bring the entrepreneurs and residents of a city together by providing public water bowls for pets.

Here at Descomunal, we love solutions that help pets become an even bigger part of their owners’ lives. Our commitment to animal welfare means we go the extra mile to maintain the delicate balance between Man and Nature. Pet-Friendly Routes is a social project that aims to boost interactions between people and animals while also improving the general acceptance of animals about town.

Product design

Our team designed a water bowl that would be easy to transport, wash and personalise.

Production systems

We then found the perfect partners, who would be able to help us bring this project to life by getting our water bowls out into the streets.

Webdesign and Storytelling

We laid out our communication strategy for each stage of the project, which had a particular focus on content marketing.

We then sparked a challenge on social media so that people would send us real pictures of their very own pets. Over 80 people took part, vying over 30 water bowls.

As well as publicising the initiative on billboards and light boxes, we also got some email and influencer marketing campaigns going to get us closer to reaching our goals.

The first week of Pet-Friendly Routes in Faro brought us over 30 qualified LEADS. Between entrepreneurs interested in joining the initiative and pet-owners wanting a picture of their pet printed on a water bowl, it’s safe to say this mindset-change-seeking route launch was a success!


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