My Choice

The challenge of MY CHOICES‘s rebranding project was to offer the brand a new image, highlighting the company’s market experience and its positioning in the Tourism Management area. We incorporated elements demonstrating a younger, bubblier, more dynamic and innovative attitude than is currently seen in the market in the areas of tourism and local accommodation.

It was with these goals in mind that we (re)invented the MY CHOICE brand, with the aim of reflecting the values, objectives and structure that form the foundation of the company, while also transmitting a young, contemporary visage and a strong message, through a new line of communication.

In this new phase, blue was chosen as the main colour for the brand’s image, a solid colour that transmits confidence, innovation and reliability while retaining the connection to the Sea/Beach/Algarve concept. The lettering used to create the logo is a geometrical, minimalist and elegant font capable of transmitting a strong identity; and the symbol – its design consisting largely of a combination of a Turkish evil eye amulet and a location pointer – now plays a prominent role in the brand’s communications.

“Choose Holiday Homes. Love Your Choice.”

This slogan is the concept that lies at the heart of this new line of communication. The aim is to promote, in an appealing and attractive way, the main principal distinguishing MY CHOICE: the power of choice. The use of such expressions as “MY CHOICE”, “CHOOSE TO” and “IT’S ALWAYS A CHOICE”is empowering: clients have the power to choose the comfort of a local accommodation property for their holiday; owners have the power to choose to engage a trustworthy company to manage their property; clients have the power to choose to protect the environment with eco-friendly actions during their stay; and so on and so forth.

This slogan and the words “Choice/Choose” are applied both statically and dynamically on the brand’s various communication materials, thereby helping to make the company name more robust in the eye of its target public (Brand Awareness).


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