EUATC is the European group of associations of translation companies, which is part of our sister company Inpokulis Traduções. For this client, the challenge we were given was to develop its rebranding, as well as creating the base stationary and also the web design and development of the group’s website.

In order to position this group of associations in the online world, and to facilitate the access of professionals and translation companies to the group, Descomunal intervened in the development of the brand, the website and the base stationary. The inspiration for creating the graphic image of the new brand came from two main points: a globe, which appears as the brand’s symbol due to its strong and obvious association with the world of translation, and the graphics attributed to the letter “A”, inspired by the Midas touch, which was meant to represent the concept of bringing people together. That’s exactly what EUATC does, creating connections between translators and associations located across Europe.

In addition, due to the global pandemic we are experiencing, brands increasingly feel the need to update themselves and reinforce their online positioning, as well as to hold online events and conferences to address the needs of their target audiences and strengthen the connection between their networks and communities. Following this idea, we are currently developing the rebranding of the T-Update brand, an EUATC online conference product, by adapting the brand to the real needs of the market, as well as also updating its website.


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